Car Accidents Caused by Auto Defects in Baltimore County

When a car or truck has a defective part, it can cause major problems, including serious, potentially fatal accidents. If you have been involved in a car accident that was caused by an auto defect, and you want to pursue legal action, the Baltimore County car accident lawyers at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton are on your side and will help you take the necessary steps to ensure that justice is served.

Types of Auto Defects

There are two types of auto defects that you should be aware of if you intend to pursue a defect liability case, including:

  • Manufacturing Defect: This type of defect occurs when there is a mistake in the manufacturing process. For example, if a floor mat is installed improperly, causing the vehicle to accelerate unintentionally, this would be a manufacturing defect. These affect only a small percentage of vehicles; however, they can be complicated cases to pursue because the victim must prove that the accident occurred because of the error in the manufacturing process. They are further complicated by the condition of the vehicle after the accident. Oftentimes, if the car is in such bad condition that the tests cannot verify whether the accident was caused by a manufacturing defect, the victim will have a difficult time proving that a manufacturing defect was to blame.
  • Design Defect: This type of defect is far more concerning because it can affect an entire product line. When pursuing legal action, the courts will likely require proof that the manufacturer either did not meet the safety standards or could have used another design that was better. An experienced car accident lawyer can advise their clients as to the viability of their case. All inspections and examinations of the vehicles should be done as soon as possible following the accident.

Examples of Auto Defects

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the following are examples of some of the most common safety-related defects:

  • Accelerators that stick or malfunction
  • Airbags that do not deploy, or that deploy when they should not
  • Electrical systems that malfunction, causing fires or loss of lights
  • Tires that blowout or explode at high speeds
  • Defective wheels that crack or break, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle
  • Fuel system components that could leak and cause fires in the event of a crash
  • Windshield wipers that do not work properly
  • Defective seats
  • Other critical components of a vehicle that could cause the driver to lose control if the part were to break, fall off, or otherwise malfunction

Whether it is the defect itself that causes the accident, or that the defective part causes the accident to be worse than it would have been otherwise, victims of these accidents can suffer a wide range of injuries, from relatively minor cuts and scrapes to traumatic brain injuries, massive organ damage, and fatalities. In some cases, it can cause a multivehicle accident, where multiple victims are affected by the defects from one car.

Liability in Accidents Caused by Auto Defects

If an automobile manufacturer fails to provide products that are safe, the injured party may want to pursue a product liability lawsuit in order to recover damages for any injuries that they sustained. An experienced car accident lawyer can recommend the best course of action based on the circumstances. The claim may be filed against the automobile manufacturer, the manufacturer of the defective part, or the company that distributed the vehicle.

Baltimore County Car Accident Lawyers at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton Represent Victims of Crashes Caused by Auto Defects

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