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Recovering Compensation for Victims of Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents happen every day, ranging from minor fender benders to more serious crashes involving severe injuries and fatalities. When a car accident happens on a busy road or highway, it can quickly turn into a multi-vehicle wreck, causing massive property damage and life-threatening injuries. Many victims of these catastrophic accidents do not survive. In some cases, the car accident may be the result of a single driver’s negligence. In other instances, it could be the result of poor road conditions caused by weather. Regardless, determining fault in a multi-vehicle crash can be tricky because of the number of vehicles involved.

According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly six million auto accidents occur every year, two million of which involve multiple vehicles. When one collision causes a chain reaction of vehicles to crash into each other, the massive amounts of glass and metal flying around greatly increase the likelihood of catastrophic harm to victims. Those who are lucky enough to survive often suffer serious injuries that can cause permanent damage.

Causes of Multi-Vehicle Crashes

There are a number of factors that can cause a multi-vehicle car accident, including the following:

  • Weather: When the roads are slippery due to ice, snow, or rain, and visibility is poor, car accidents are more likely to occur. 
  • Driver Negligence: 

Distracted Driving: Talking and texting while driving, as well as checking email and social media are some of the leading causes of car accidents. Eating, checking the GPS, putting on makeup, and talking to other passengers can also lead to serious wrecks.

Drowsy Driving: If a driver falls asleep or fails to remain alert because he or she is drowsy, it can have tragic consequences. It only takes one second for a driver to drift into another lane, causing a multiple-car accident.

Drunk Driving: When a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, their ability to react quickly in a situation becomes compromised. In addition, certain prescription medications can affect a driver’s depth perception, increasing the chances of an accident.

Police Pursuits: Serious car accidents can occur when police officers are chasing another vehicle at high speeds. Oftentimes, an accident can occur when the vehicle being chased loses control of the car, striking more than one vehicle.

Speeding: Seatbelts, airbags, and the vehicle’s frame cannot always prevent passengers from being seriously injured when the car is struck by another vehicle traveling at high speeds.

Determining Liability in Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Determining fault in a multi-vehicle accident can be challenging. Even if one of the drivers admits that he or she was speeding, or driving while distracted, there may be other issues to consider before assigning liability. For example, inclement weather, poor road conditions, another car accident, or other parties driving aggressively may be considered. Because of the serious nature of these accidents, there is quite a bit of insurance money at stake. Therefore, insurance companies will likely assign a professional accident investigator to determine the cause of the accident and the person responsible.

If the investigator finds that a driver was negligent, meaning he or she did not exercise a duty of care to the other drivers on the road, the injured driver may seek compensation from the at-fault driver. The more injured drivers there are, the more difficult it is for authorities to know who may have been tailgating, talking on their phone, speeding, or engaging in other hazardous driving behavior. Investigators will take the following steps to determine who is at fault in a multi-vehicle accident:

  • Examine the police report and consult with the officers who were at the scene of the crash. Investigators are particularly interested whether any individuals were arrested for outstanding warrants, or cited for driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, possession of narcotics, reckless driving, tailgating, or driving with a suspended license, among other offenses.
  • Collect information about the accident by interviewing everyone involved, including drivers, passengers and any witnesses that may have seen the accident happen.
  • Take photographs of any physical evidence that could help determine cause, including photos of the vehicles, skid marks, damaged trees, guardrails, and fences.
  • Determine whether any of the drivers involved have any prior arrests, tickets, or were involved in other accidents.

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