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Drug Overdose Wrecks on the Rise

Over the past decade, drunk driving-related fatalities have gone down by almost 25 percent, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Unfortunately, while drunk driving accidents have been on the decline, drugged driving accidents have been climbing at an alarming rate. In fact, car accidents caused by drivers who are overdosing have become so » Read More

Technology That Prevents Distracted Driving Accidents

Distracted driving and texting are becoming the leading cause of traffic fatalities in our nation, with 16 percent of all fatal car accidents attributed to drivers using cell phones while driving. Nearly two million people were fatally injured in car accidents around the world in 2016, which is prompting safety experts, car manufacturers, and technology » Read More

Driver Error Causes Majority of Self-Driving Car Accidents

A self-driving car is intended to reduce car accidents caused by human behavior or error. The autonomous cars on the road today are capable of steering, acceleration, and deceleration of the vehicle, but a human driver is still needed behind the wheel to ensure safe operation. The current data on the safety of these vehicles » Read More

Are Zero Car Accidents an Attainable Goal?

Considering the number of car accidents that continue to occur on roads and highways across the country, it may seem unrealistic to think we can completely eliminate car accidents and the resulting injuries and fatalities in our lifetime. However, with the continued advancement of autonomous cars and safety technology, some believe that this goal could » Read More

Preventing Teen-Related Drowsy Driving Accidents  

  It is a sobering fact that car accidents are the leading cause of fatalities among adolescents. Many of these tragic accidents are the result of drunk driving, distracted driving, texting while driving, or other irresponsible behavior brought on by peer pressure or the desire to look cool in front of friends. However, many of » Read More

Low Speed Car Accidents Can Cause Serious Injuries

Car accidents that occur on busy highways and interstates often result in serious injuries and significant property damage. The faster a car is traveling, the greater the force of impact will be when it crashes. While low speed accidents tend to be much less serious, often resulting in little to no damage to the vehicle, » Read More

Rise in Wrong-Way Crashes

Over the course of 14 weeks, on or near a relatively small stretch of Route 50, five people lost their lives in three separate head-on collisions that occurred when drivers ended up on the wrong side of the road, going in the opposite direction of traffic. The five victims, ranging in age from 22 to » Read More

Paramedics Offer Safety Tips for Car Seats

Selecting the right car seat for a child is among the many purchases that can be extremely overwhelming for parents. It can be difficult to decide which car seat to buy when there are hundreds of models available that offer different safety features and come with a wide range of consumer reviews. Cost is another » Read More

Back Seat Passengers Less Likely to Wear Seat Belts  

  It is common knowledge that seat belts are one of the most effective and life-saving safety features in a motor vehicle. In 2015, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 13,941 lives were saved by proper seat belt use. However, they are useless if the occupants of the vehicle do not use them. » Read More

Too Many Drivers Pass School Buses Illegally

When approaching a school bus that has stopped and has flashing red lights on, cars traveling in the same direction are prohibited from passing the bus until the flashing lights are turned off. Cars approaching from the opposite direction must also stop, unless there is a physical barrier, such as a median. Unfortunately, too many » Read More