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Speed is a contributing factor in about 30% of all car accidents; however, it is a preventable factor. Drivers who choose to exceed posted speed limits are putting other drivers, passengers and pedestrians at risk for serious injury or death.

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Speed not only increases the likelihood that a crash will happen, it also increases the amount of damage and the severity of injuries when an accident does occur. A high-speed crash is more likely to result in catastrophic or fatal injuries than a fender-bender because of the immense force of impact caused by a speeding vehicle. Speeding, in conjunction with other conditions on the road, often leads to disaster. Other factors that may contribute to a speeding accident include:

  • Disabled vehicles –A broken-down or stopped vehicle on the road presents an unexpected obstacle to a speeding driver.
  • Distracted driving — Any action that diverts a driver’s attention and focus is extremely dangerous. Add speed to the mix and the potential repercussions of distracted driving are significantly compounded. Although texting and driving at any speed is dangerous, higher speeds increase the likelihood and severity of serious accidents.
  • Road Hazards — Some roads are not designed for safe travel at high speeds, and it is important to comply with posted speed limits. Maryland’s hilly terrain, exit ramps and sharp bends in the road can be difficult or impossible to manage if you are driving too fast.
  • Traffic — Congestion can cause traffic to slow down or stop. A speeding vehicle approaching heavy traffic has less time to brake and may slam into the back of another car in a rear-end collision.

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