Head-On Collisions in Carroll County

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Head-on collisions are among the most destructive and devastating type of accidents, often resulting in massive property damage, severe injuries, and fatalities.

As the name suggests, a head-on collision occurs when two vehicles crash into each other head first, often at a relatively high speed. According to traffic safety data, most head-on collisions occur on rural roads. These accidents can be particularly devastating if one of the vehicles involved is a commercial truck. A regular passenger vehicle is no match against the size and weight of a commercial truck.


Head-on collisions are caused by a number of factors. They can occur if a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, is distracted, or is driving on too little sleep. Reckless driving can also be a cause. When someone is driving recklessly, they may attempt to pass the vehicle in front of them, only to swerve into oncoming traffic. A driver may also approach a curve in the road too quickly, losing control of the vehicle and swerving into the opposite lane.

Common Injuries

Few people walk away from a head-on collision unscathed. If a victim is fortunate enough to survive the wreck, it is likely that he or she will have suffered severe injuries. Following are some of the most common injuries associated with head-on collisions:

  • Head and Brain Injuries: The massive force of impact that occurs in a head-on collision can cause a person’s head to be whipped back and forth, causing the brain to hit against the inside of the skull. In addition, any hard objects that are inside the vehicle can strike the person’s head. This can lead to serious concussions, lacerations, fractures, and brain damage.
  • Back and Spine Injuries: A head-on collision can cause a number of injuries to the back and spinal cord, including slipped or herniated discs and a bruised or broken spinal column, which can lead to permanent nerve damage or paralysis.
  • Neck Injuries: The neck and spine have a certain degree of flexibility, but when the impact causes the neck to be stretched too far, it can cause injuries like whiplash, slipped or herniated discs, a broken neck, or paralysis.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries: Damage to muscles, ligaments, or tendons can cause chronic pain, particularly if the injury is not treated immediately after the accident.
  • Broken Bones: Arms, wrists, ankles, and legs are especially vulnerable to breaks and fractures in a head-on collision. Even if the airbag deploys properly, it does not always protect against injuries in a head-on collision. In fact, in some cases it can cause injuries.
  • Amputations: If the crash was particularly severe, victims’ limbs may be crushed or severed so badly that amputation is the only option.
  • Cuts: When a windshield shatters, or an object in the car strikes a body, the victims can suffer from serious cuts and lacerations on the face and body. Oftentimes, these require plastic surgery to minimize scarring.


To pursue legal action against another driver after a head-on collision, a victim will need to prove that the other driver was negligent or driving recklessly. This can be difficult since the impact of the accident may cause the cars to be in different positions than they were in prior to impact. An experienced car accident lawyer can consult with forensic engineers or accident reconstruction specialists to determine who was at fault.

While head-on collisions represent only two percent of all car accidents in the United States, they account for 10 percent of all crash-related deaths. If the accident results in a fatality, the victim’s family may pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. Compensation may cover funeral expenses, out-of-pocket costs, and loss of consortium.

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