How to Protect Your Auto Accident Claim

  • Do not sign anything without consulting with us first.
  • Do not discuss your case with anyone other than us. If anyone asks you questions or requests written information about your accident, tell them to contact us immediately.
  • Prepare a brief written statement of the incident as soon as possible. Provide specific and detailed information about the date, time and location of the incident. Include a diagram that can help illustrate how the accident or injury occurred. Identify witnesses and provide us their addresses and telephone numbers so we can contact them immediately.
  • Review the police report of your accident with us. The police report is often the starting point for an insurance company to determine liability. It is important that you review the police report with us and note any errors or discrepancies. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS ON HOW TO READ A POLICE REPORT. If appropriate, we will dispatch our office investigator to get written statements from any witness listed on the report.
  • Take color photographs of your injuries. It is essential that we have photos of any bruising, swelling, discoloration, breaks or bleeding immediately after the incident or as soon after as possible. You should also take photographs of any damage to your car or other property as soon as possible. Provide color photos or film negatives to our auto accident attorneys immediately. If you prefer, let us know and we will make arrangements to take the photographs for you.
  • Keep all appointments. Write down the names, dates and times of all your appointments with the doctor, auto body repair shop or other parties related to the incident/injuries. If you have any activities that you must cancel because of your injuries, please make a note of them.
  • Keep us informed of your medical/chiropractic treatment.
  • Provide the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all doctors, chiropractors, hospitals and clinics you visit for evaluation or treatment. When you are finished with your treatment, call us at once.
  • Keep all bills and receipts. If you incur any additional costs or out-of-pocket expenses related to your accident, it is essential you forward all receipts and bills to us for review and submission to the adverse insurance company.
  • Document lost wages. If you are unable to work due to accident-related injuries, make sure that you ask your doctor to give you a “disability certificate.” Please provide us with a copy of this certificate upon receipt. When you return to work, we will contact your employer and obtain a typed statement on company letterhead documenting your job title, position, dates of absence, number of days you normally worked per week, number of hours you normally worked per day and your rate of pay, including commission. Finally, the letter should be signed by a company official.Lost wages will only be considered if your doctor confirms that you are unable to work and your job verifies your absence.
  • Scheduling appointments: If we need to meet with you, we will contact you to schedule an appointment. If you wish to meet with us, please call and make an appointment for a specific date and time. We are always ready to answer questions regarding your case and encourage clients to stay in regular contact with their attorney.
  • Contact us if you change your address or phone number: It is important you contact us at once if you change your address or telephone number or if you expect to be out of town for an extended period of time.

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