Car Accidents Caused by Auto Defects in Harford County

Over time, certain car parts must be repaired or replaced, including things like tires, brakes, and headlights. In order to extend the life of the car, and ensure that everything is in good working order, a certain amount of maintenance is required and expected. However, what we should not have to expect is for a vehicle to be defective in any way. When this happens, it becomes a significant safety risk to all occupants of the car, particularly if the defect causes a serious accident resulting in life-threatening injuries. If you are involved in an accident that was caused by an auto defect, our car accident lawyers in Harford County at can help determine the best legal course of action, ensuring that your rights are protected every step of the way.

Types of Auto Defects

If you decide to pursue legal action, it is important that you realize that there are two types of auto defects, including manufacturing defects and design defects. The following provides a brief description of each so that you can differentiate between the two:

  • Manufacturing Defects: These occur when there is a mistake or flaw in the manufacturing process. Fortunately, this type of defect usually only affects a small percentage of vehicles. An example of a manufacturing defect is an improperly installed floor mat that causes the vehicle to accelerate unintentionally.
  • Design Defects: These defects are generally much more concerning because they tend to affect an entire product line. For example, if an accelerator pedal has a defective design, it is possible that the entire line of a particular vehicle will have that defect. A vehicle is considered defective if the design does not meet government standards.

Examples of Common Auto Defects

If a vehicle is not in compliance with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the defective part may be recalled. Examples of common auto defects include the following:

  • Defective brakes
  • Airbags that do not deploy, or that deploy when they should not
  • Tire blowouts
  • Seatbelt malfunctions
  • Fuel line defects
  • Electrical system malfunctions that cause fires
  • Accelerators that stick or break
  • Defective steering components
  • Windshield wipers that do not work properly

Unfortunately, many of these defects can cause serious injuries. If an airbag does not deploy in a collision, the impact of the accident can cause the driver to hit the steering wheel or windshield with great force. This can cause cuts, bruises, and broken bones. Other injuries from defective parts can include lacerations, back and neck injuries, burns, traumatic brain injuries, and even fatalities. An experienced car accident lawyer can make sure that you are compensated for any injuries you may have sustained.

Liability in Auto Defects Cases

If you have been injured in a car accident that was caused by a defective auto part, a number of parties may be held liable. If the defect was caused by a manufacturing issue, it is likely that the auto manufacturer will be held liable. Other times, the dealer may be liable for selling a defective part. The process can be complex, as you will need to prove that the defective part caused the injury. Oftentimes, this requires the help of expert witnesses and an experienced car accident lawyer. The seller must prove that the benefits of the design outweigh the risks, which can be difficult once it has been established that the defect likely caused the injury.

It is also important to know that any injured party can sue, even if they do not own the vehicle. They can still bring an auto defects lawsuit against the manufacturer. All injured victims may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and other damages.

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