Car Accidents Caused by Auto Defects in Howard County

Since 1966, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has had the authority to recall any vehicles that have defects that jeopardize the safety of the consumer. Since that time, the NHTSA has recalled over 390 million vehicles. When an automobile has a defective part, it can result in serious, or even fatal injuries to the driver, the passenger, and other motorists in the vicinity. Auto manufacturers have a responsibility to deliver a quality product that is, above all, safe. Unfortunately, defects happen, and when they do, an experienced car accident lawyer can recommend the best legal course of action and ensure that your rights are protected at all times.

Types of Auto Defects

There are two types of auto defects and it is important to know the difference when pursuing a vehicle defect liability case. The following provides an overview of each:

  • Manufacturing Defect: These are defects that are caused by a flaw or error in the manufacturing process. Fortunately, these usually tend to only affect a small percentage of vehicles. An example of a manufacturing defect is if a floor mat was improperly installed, causing an unintended acceleration.
  • Design Defect: These defects are the result of a flaw in the design of the vehicle, and can affect an entire product line. When a vehicle does not meet government standards for quality, it is considered prima facie defective. An example of a design defect is a poorly designed brake pedal.

Auto defects can affect anything from the car’s tires to its brakes. The following are examples of safety-related defects listed by the NHTSA:

  • Accelerators that stick or malfunction
  • Air bags that do not deploy, or that deploy when they should not
  • Electrical systems that malfunction, causing fires or loss of lights
  • Steering components that do not work properly
  • Damaged fuel system components that leak or become fire hazards
  • Windshield wipers that malfunction
  • Seats that recline unexpectedly
  • Tires that break, or become separated from the vehicle, causing the motorist to lose control of the vehicle

Any of the defects mentioned above can cause serious, life-threatening injuries, ranging from lacerations and broken bones to internal organ damage, traumatic brain injuries, and even fatalities. Typically, injuries from auto defects happen in one of two ways. First, the defect caused an accident while the person was driving, resulting in the driver suffering injuries. Second, the accident may not be a direct result of the defect, but the defect caused the consequences to be more severe.

Liability of Auto Defects Cases

If you believe that an auto defect caused your injuries, you may want to consider pursuing a vehicle defect liability case. Proving that an auto defect caused your wreck can be a complex process. An experienced car accident lawyer in Howard County can assist you and ensure that your rights are protected throughout the entire process. The following provides an overview of what you need to know:

  • You must be able to prove that the defect caused the car accident. Whether the accident was caused by a design defect or a manufacturing defect, you will need proof. Oftentimes, this requires the help of an experienced car accident lawyer, as well as expert witnesses.
  • Any injured party can sue. Anyone who has been injured as a result of a defective part can sue, even if the injured person is not the owner of the vehicle.
  • Misuse of the vehicle does not make you ineligible to sue. A certain degree of misuse is expected by car manufacturers, so this should not have a negative impact on your case. Even if you were speeding at the time of the accident, the manufacturer may still be held liable.

Howard County Car Wreck Lawyers at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton Seek Compensation for Victims of Auto Defects

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