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Distracted Driving Car Accidents

Driving a car is a huge responsibility that should not be taken lightly, even for the most seasoned, experienced driver. Part of being a safe, responsible driver is keeping one’s attention focused on the road at all times. Yet, too often, drivers are seen eating, talking, texting, or engaged in other activities when they should be paying attention to the road ahead. Distracted driving has become a serious problem in recent years, particularly due to the widespread use of smartphones. Each year, thousands of people are killed and hundreds of thousands more are injured in distracted driving-related car accidents. Fortunately, most of these wrecks can be prevented if drivers use common sense and avoid trying to multitask while driving.

A driver distraction is defined as any task that causes the driver to remove his or her hands from the wheel, take his or her eyes off the road, or causes the driver’s mind to wander. The following are examples of some of the most common driver distractions that can lead to serious car accidents:

  • Talking or texting while driving
  • Eating or drinking
  • Checking the GPS
  • Personal grooming
  • Reaching for an object on the floor or the back seat
  • Adjusting the radio
  • Attending to children
  • Arguing with other passengers

Cell Phone Use and Distracted Driving

It is against the law in Maryland to use a cell phone to talk or text while driving. Yet, too many drivers continue to ignore this law. As a result, texting and the use of cellphones are two of the most common causes of negligent driver crashes. In response to the rise in distracted driving accidents in recent years, all drivers are prohibited from talking on a cell phone unless he or she is using a hands-free device. New, inexperienced drivers, usually under the age of 18, may not use cell phones at all, including hands-free devices. The only exception is if the driver needs to make an emergency call or contact the police for any reason.

Texting While Driving

In response to the dramatic rise in smartphone capabilities, from texting and talking to social media, along with the wide range of apps available, the laws have grown increasingly strict. In addition to prohibiting texting while driving, drivers may not use any other gadgets that would allow them to text, email, browse the internet, or use any smartphone apps. Police may issue a primary enforcement traffic citation for cell phone use, even if the driver is not in violation of any other traffic laws. If the driver using his or her cell phone causes a car accident, thus injuring another driver, he or she can be held liable for any damages. The cell phone that the negligent driver was using at the time of the accident can be used as evidence, proving that the person was driving recklessly. The injured victim may file a personal injury lawsuit against the distracted driver.

In some cases, if a driver is using a smartphone or other handheld device and is hit by another vehicle, the use of the smartphone may constitute contributory negligence. This means that the use of the cell phone caused the driver to become distracted, which contributed to the cause of the wreck. If the plaintiff’s behavior is considered negligent, it could prevent them from obtaining compensation at all.

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