Baltimore Motorcycle Accident Lawyers: Spotlight on Motorcycle Safety

The single-most important step a motorcyclist can take is to wear a helmet, but not everyone does. The following statistics highlight the benefits of wearing a helmet and how it can save money and lives. In 2013, helmets saved approximately 1,630 lives and $2.8 billion in related costs. An additional $1.1 billion could have been » Read More

Vehicles With Open Safety Recalls

Carfax, the provider of used car history, reported recently that almost one in five vehicles on the road in the United States have open recalls, meaning they have safety issues that are serious enough to put them on the federal recall list. Out of the 258.5 million cars on the road, a staggering 47 million » Read More

Enhancements at Site of Fatal Crash

A tragic car accident at a notorious Bethesda intersection recently left three family members dead and one in critical condition. While the exact cause of the accident is under investigation, neighbors who live near the intersection have spent years contacting the State Highway Administration (SHA) requesting improved safety measures at that intersection, only to be » Read More

Who is Liable in Hit and Run Car Accidents?

When you get behind the wheel, you can do your best to control the way you drive, paying attention to speed limits and other traffic signs, making sure you are well rested, not using handheld devices while driving. What you cannot control is how other people drive or how they react if a wreck occurs. » Read More