Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers: Seatbelts and Airbags Can Prevent Injuries

When used together, seatbelts and airbags are much more effective at preventing serious facial fractures than when used alone. A new study shows that facial fractures can be reduced by 53 percent when seatbelts and airbags are used together, compared to 43 percent when seatbelts are used alone, and 18 percent when airbags are used » Read More

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers: Spotlight on Child Passenger Safety Week

For any parent, the safety of their child is paramount. Ask any parent, and they will tell you that they would do absolutely anything to keep them safe. When you consider the fact that one child under the age of 13 is involved in a car accident every 33 seconds, car safety is a great » Read More

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers: The Rise of Road Rage

It is hard to contain certain emotions when a driver does something egregious such as running a red light or cutting someone off at a stop. Reactionary behavior that stems from the irresponsible actions of another driver is known as road rage. Maryland car accident lawyers report that almost all drivers experience road rage at » Read More

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers: Teen Crashes Increase During School Commute

Every teenager looks forward to the day they get their driver’s license. It means they no longer have to rely on mom or dad or a school bus to get to school. While driving to and from school every day may seem like a safe enough route, Maryland personal injury lawyers caution that there are » Read More