Establishing Responsibility for Fatal 2016 Bus Accident  

In November 2016, a Baltimore school bus crashed into an MTA bus, fatally injuring six and injuring dozens more. A federal investigation revealed that the school bus driver had a history of seizures, which should have prevented him from being hired in the first place.  While the school district claims that they have implemented additional » Read More

Distracted Driving Remains a Serious Problem  

Many states across the country have established much stricter laws against distracted driving, including prohibiting the use of any hand-held device to talk, text, or partake of any other behavior that takes the driver’s attention away from the road. Unfortunately, it appears that the tougher laws are not enough, as too many motorists continue to » Read More

Mental Health Issues Increase Driving Errors  

According to a new study, published in the journal Nursing Research, newly licensed teen drivers who suffer from certain mental health issues are at an increased risk of being involved in a car accident. Conditions like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and conduct disorder can affect a teen driver’s ability to keep his or her » Read More

Tips for Parents After a Car Accident  

Car accidents are upsetting and stressful under the best of circumstances. When your child is in the car, the stress or anger you might have felt immediately turns to panic when you are faced with the possibility that your child has been seriously injured in the wreck. Ideally, this is a situation that no parent » Read More

Uber Pedestrian Fatality

A recent fatal pedestrian accident has confirmed the fears that many consumers, lawmakers, and others have had about driverless cars, which is that it was just a matter of time before someone was fatally injured by one of these vehicles. The accident occurred when an Uber driverless car hit a 49-year-old pedestrian while she was » Read More

Improved Road Signs Help Older Drivers

According to a recent study by TRIP, a national transportation research group, motorists who are aged 65 or older are at an increased risk of being fatally injured in a car accident. To make roads safer for older drivers, safety officials are urging states to make changes that will address the specific challenges that these » Read More