Marijuana or Alcohol

Which Drug Causes More Fatal Car Accidents? It is a widely known fact that driving under the influence of alcohol is irresponsible, dangerous, and potentially fatal. Other drugs, including marijuana, can also affect a person’s ability to concentrate, to react quickly to unpredictable situations, and to maintain control of the vehicle. However, until recently, there has » Read More

Highway Features that Lower Crash Risks

It should come as no surprise that car accidents are more likely to occur on roads that have steep hills, sharp curves, and a lack of concrete barrier medians. However, according to new research by Brigham Young University (BYU), commissioned by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), there are certain highway features that are associated with » Read More

Alcohol Abuse Worse in Some Cities than Others

Alcohol abuse is a serious problem that continues to have a negative impact on people in every state across the country. Each year, thousands of Americans lose their lives to excessive drinking and thousands more are affected by the economic, legal, and personal ramifications that alcohol abuse can have on a person’s life. Too often, » Read More

Liberty Road Safety Project

Liberty Road in Baltimore County is about to experience a major makeover that will reduce the risk of car accidents and make it a more aesthetically pleasing area for residents and motorists. Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz announced that $900,000 has been allocated for beautification and safety improvements along Liberty Road as part of the » Read More

Self-Driving Shuttle Not to Blame for Crash

Las Vegas is a place where people from all over the world come to escape reality and enjoy the food, the casinos, the fabulous entertainment, and now, the technology. A new self-driving shuttle bus was recently released in Sin City, but unfortunately, the shuttle was involved in a minor car accident just hours after its » Read More

Safety Precautions for Winter Driving

As temperatures drop during the winter months, snow, ice, and extreme cold can make driving conditions extremely hazardous. Winter weather puts motorists at a much higher risk of serious car accidents. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), over 1,300 people are fatally injured in accidents caused by snowy or icy road conditions. If you » Read More

How to Avoid Work Zone Accidents

From repairing a pothole to widening a highway, the roads we drive on often require maintenance. While road work is being done, work zones can create potentially hazardous situations when motorists become confused by the lane changes, flashing lights, and merging traffic. Unfortunately, these conditions can lead to car accidents and injuries. However, there are » Read More

Countdown Timers Alert Motorists to Light Changes

For some drivers, a yellow traffic light is a signal to slow down in anticipation of a red light. Other drivers hit the gas pedal to avoid sitting at a red light. Unfortunately, if the motorist drives through a yellow light without knowing how much time is left before the light turns red, they can » Read More