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Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers: Stress Increases Risk for Car Accident

It is common knowledge that stress can have a negative impact on a person’s health. Highly stressed people are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure, an increased risk of heart disease, weight gain, depression, and insomnia, to name a few. What may come as a surprise to some is the fact that stress » Read More

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers: Elderly Risk of Injuries

As Americans are living longer and healthier lives, there are more older drivers on the roads today than in previous years. In 2015, there were over 40 million senior drivers in the United States. Studies show that elderly drivers tend to make more responsible choices than young drivers, including staying off the roads during inclement » Read More

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers: Liability in Left Turn Accidents

When you get in your car to drive somewhere, whether it is to work, to school, to run errands, or to visit friends, at some point you will reach an intersection where you will need to make a left turn. Depending on where you live, it may be an extremely busy intersection with multiple lanes » Read More

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers: Most Common Pre-Crash Texts

Chances are, those that admit to texting behind the wheel know that it is a bad habit that can lead to serious car accidents and severe injuries. Yet so many drivers continue to do it, particularly younger drivers who feel the need to stay in constant connection with friends and family. Unfortunately, distracted driving, including » Read More

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers: Safety and Semi-Autonomous Cars

As the technology surrounding autonomous and semi-autonomous cars continues to develop, so do the questions and concerns about the overall safety of these vehicles. This new technology is being introduced for the first time so some of the concern likely stems from a general fear of the unknown. However, a new study suggests that it » Read More

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers: Risks of Drowsy Driving

We all know that getting behind the wheel after consuming too much alcohol is never a good idea. Drunk driving is responsible for too many serious injuries and fatalities, and groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) fight hard to discourage people – especially underage individuals – from drinking and driving. However, what many people » Read More

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers Discuss Seat Belts

Car safety has come a long way over the years with the development of new technology like blind spot detection, lane departure warnings, and self-driving cars. However, one of the most effective life-saving features that have been in every car for decades is the seat belt. In the event of a car accident, the seat » Read More

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers: Common Crash Site

Commuters who regularly drive on the Jones Falls Expressway portion of Interstate 83 have probably seen, or been directly involved in a car accident at the location at some point over the years. In fact, the site is so infamous that the towering Pepsi sign, which has become somewhat of a crash site landmark, has » Read More

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers: Fatal Car Accidents in Anne Arundel

When it comes to fatal car accidents, 2016 was not a good year for Anne Arundel County. Early reports indicate there were 40 people killed on county roads, and at least one pedestrian fatally injured in the city of Annapolis. This is three more fatalities than the prior year, and as the final statistics for » Read More

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers: Mandatory Ignition Interlock Laws

Ignition interlock systems have been used since the early 1990s as a tool to prevent drunk driving offenders from getting behind the wheel again while intoxicated. Once installed in the vehicle, the device can detect alcohol on the driver’s breath. If the blood alcohol level is above the legal limit, the vehicle will not start. » Read More