Vehicle Recalls Continue to Climb

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), consumers should check to see if their vehicle is on a recall list at least once a year. That is because the number of safety recalls has spiked in recent years, with over 53 million passenger vehicles recalled in 2016 alone. While many consumers are concerned » Read More

Protecting Yourself from Sun Glare

As the days continue to get longer, the sun sets later in the day. For most people, that means more time to enjoy being outside in the daylight. However, for drivers, the bright sun can cause a glare, which can make it difficult to see oncoming traffic, or to be able to tell if a » Read More

Excessive Speed in Fatal Amtrak Accident

While monitoring safety on the track between Baltimore and Washington, an Amtrak watchman was fatally injured after being struck by a train that was traveling at a high rate of speed. According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), it has not yet been confirmed whether speed was the sole cause of the train accident. » Read More

Benefits of Installing Interlocks for DUIs

Despite the strict laws against drunk driving, nearly 30 people are fatally injured in alcohol-related car accidents every day in this country. While those numbers have declined over the past few decades, drunk driving accidents continue to claim the lives of too many Americans each year. Many safety officials believe that ignition interlocks may help » Read More

Top Causes of Fatal Car Accidents

According to research, by 2030, fatal car accidents will be the seventh leading cause of fatality in the Baltimore area. There are a wide range of factors that help explain why car accidents happen, including socio-economic and geographical factors, population density, and traffic in areas where fatal accidents tend to occur. Most fatal car accidents » Read More

Fatal Accident Site Raises Concerns Over Speed Limit Violations

Speeding is one of the top causes of fatal car accidents. When cars are traveling too fast in a residential area, it can be particularly devastating because there are pedestrians walking along the side of the road or crossing the street. Recently, there have been a growing number of accidents in the west end of » Read More

Spike in Marijuana Use Linked to Increase in Fatal Wrecks  

For marijuana enthusiasts, April 20th has become the unofficial holiday to celebrate all things cannabis. There is some speculation about how this date became Weed Day, including a possible nod to a Bob Dylan song, and a group of friends known as the Waldos, who, in the early 1970s, got together every day at 4:20 » Read More

Tailgating Can Cause Traffic Jams

Getting stuck in traffic can be extremely frustrating, especially if you are in a rush or running late for an appointment. When traffic begins to move, drivers will often tailgate the car they are following, thinking it will make up for some of the time lost sitting in traffic. According to researchers from the Massachusetts » Read More

When Whiplash Turns More Serious  

Whiplash is a common injury that is often caused by car accidents, especially rear end collisions. When a motorist is hit from behind, the impact of the collision can cause the victim’s head to snap forward and back again, injuring the muscle, bones, and soft tissue in the neck. Generally, whiplash is a relatively minor » Read More