Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers: Trauma Centers Speak Out on Distracted Driving

Trauma centers throughout the state of Maryland see first-hand how dangerous it is to talk or text while driving. Drivers who are distracted by an incoming text or phone call may only look away from the road for a matter of seconds, but that is all it takes to cause a serious, if not fatal, » Read More

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers: Maryland Passes Safety Bills that Target Drunk Driving

The Maryland General Assembly recently passed a number of safety bills that address drunk driving and the illegal distribution of alcohol to minors. The Drunk Driving Reduction Act, known to many as Noah’s Law, mandates that any individual who has been convicted of drunk driving must take part in an ignition interlock program, which will » Read More

2016 Most Poorly Rated Cars

The Overall Score of each vehicle is based on the following: Road test score Reliability Owner satisfaction Safety Avoid purchasing the following vehicles in the ten categories below, regardless of incentives, or cash-back deals. You could end up with an expensive lemon and a whole lot of buyer’s remorse. Compact: Fiat 500L In a survey » Read More

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers: Car Headlights Test Reveals Potential Safety Hazard

When driving at night or during inclement weather that causes impaired visibility, one of the first things you do is turn on the car’s headlights. You probably don’t even think about whether the headlights are powerful enough to keep you safe. In fact, a recent study shows that it is likely that they are not » Read More