CarMax Has a History of Selling Vehicles with Safety Defects

According to a recent study conducted by the Center for Auto Safety, the Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety Foundation, and the MASSPIRG Education Fund, consumers may want to think twice before purchasing a used car at CarMax. Researchers found that over 25 percent of the used cars sold at eight CarMax locations across the » Read More

The Impact of Self-Driving Vehicles

It is just a matter of time before self-driving cars are going to be sharing the road with driver operated vehicles. In fact, some predict that they will eventually replace driver operated vehicles altogether. As manufacturers continue to fine tune and perfect this new technology, the auto insurance industry must figure out how to insure » Read More

Tesla Shares Blame in First-Known Semi-Autonomous Car Fatality

After an in-depth investigation into the fatal 2016 crash of a semi-autonomous Tesla sedan, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) determined that the vehicle’s autopilot system contributed to the wreck. The NTSB found that the Tesla Model S allowed to driver to use the Autopilot system outside of the specified environment for which it was » Read More

Driving Speed Influenced by a Wandering Mind

Driving a car, truck, or any other motor vehicle always requires focus and attention. Whether you are driving through a quiet residential area or on a busy interstate highway, there are always things that require your full concentration, including maintaining the proper speed limit. According to recent research, when a driver’s mind wanders, it can » Read More

Audit of School Bus System  

School bus drivers have the important job of making sure that children travel to and from school safely. If a bus driver has a history of drug or alcohol use, or a health issue that affects their ability to safely operate the bus, it can seriously jeopardize the safety of every child. After a 2016 » Read More

Guide to Preventing Car Accidents

No one gets into their car with the intention of getting into a car accident. Yet, they are an unfortunate reality that can have a wide range of consequences, ranging from traffic citations and minor injuries to massive property damage and multiple fatalities. Even the most responsible driver can be involved in a car accident » Read More

Can Artificial Intelligence Make Car Accidents a Thing of the Past?

Most car accidents are caused by some degree of human error. Speeding, tailgating, texting while driving, and driving under the influence are all behaviors that can cause serious car accidents. As the technology for artificial intelligence continues to grow and develop, many believe that our roads will become a safer place if humans are no » Read More

Eating While Driving is More Dangerous than You Might Think

According to the National Highway Safety Organization, approximately 80 percent of all car accidents are caused by distracted driving. This percentage resulted in 3,477 fatalities in 2015. Texting and talking on the phone while driving are well-known examples of distracted driving but there is another example that does not get nearly as much attention. Eating » Read More