Baltimore Motorcycle Accident Lawyers: Spotlight on Motorcycle Safety

The single-most important step a motorcyclist can take is to wear a helmet, but not everyone does. The following statistics highlight the benefits of wearing a helmet and how it can save money and lives. In 2013, helmets saved approximately 1,630 lives and $2.8 billion in related costs. An additional $1.1 billion could have been » Read More

Baltimore Maryland Motorcycle Accident Lawyers: The Most Common Motorcycle Collision Injuries

In many ways, motorcycles are just like any other vehicle. However, as a result of a motorcycle’s size, design and lack of protection, motorcycle riders are exposed to a much higher risk of injury.

Baltimore Motorcycle Accident Lawyers: Off-Duty Police Officer Killed in Motorcycle Accident

On June 2, an off-duty New York Police Department officer from the 103rd precinct was killed after being hit by a car in the borough of Queens.