Who is Liable if a City Bus Hits My Bike?

Although a lot of people enjoy bicycling, many more would except for one thing: the fear of colliding with a vehicle. Would-be cyclists often do not feel safe because roads are inadequate for cycling. While some cities have gone to great lengths to dedicate bicycle lanes on major thoroughfares, many have not. Still, many people » Read More

Am I Liable if a Friend Has an Accident with My Car?

You did a nice gesture and let a friend borrow your car, but something unfortunate happened. They got into a car accident. Not only is your friendship in jeopardy, but also you are left with costly and inconvenient auto repairs, not to mention a likely increase in your car insurance. It is not always easy » Read More

My Ribs Were Fractured in a Car Accident. Now What?

Broken ribs are one the most common types of personal injury caused by car accidents. A motorist can suffer a broken rib when the force of the impact causes the chest area to hit the steering wheel, or from the extreme force of the seat belt against the chest if the accident was a high-speed » Read More