3D Dashboard Technology May Be Next for Car Safety

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Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers weigh in on how 3D dashboard technology could improve car safety. Bosch is amid development of a 3D dashboard display to make vehicles safer for drivers. Drivers with the dashboard display do not need 3D glasses to interpret the information, due to the passive 3D technology. The automotive supplier claims that this vehicular technology helps drivers better visualize their surroundings, which helps prevent motor vehicle accidents from occurring.

Ultimately, the technology aims to increase passenger safety. It does so by effectively notifying drivers in case of an emergency, giving drivers realistic visualizations of surrounding obstacles, and providing detailed navigation of nearby streets and buildings.

Increasing Safety

To evaluate how drivers process 3D information, Bosch conducted relevant research. According to the automotive supplier’s data, drivers interpret information rapidly when it is presented in 3D. The research team compared information interpretation between drivers utilizing a regular screen and drivers using their 3D dashboard technology. The results indicated that the 3D presentation helped individuals visualize crucial information in a more effective way than conventional screens.

3D presentation is useful for drivers because it helps them obtain a more accurate depiction of the road. Drivers who utilize 3D technology can better perceive the distance between their car and others on the road. Rear-view cameras that utilize 3D technology can provide drivers with a safety advantage. Regular screens do not display the distance between two vehicles accurately. This is a problem that 3D dashboards can solve.


This dashboard technology will help drivers stay notified in a more effective way than other screens because 3D notifications are easily noticed by drivers. This is useful in emergencies. Similarly, 3D dashboards can also be useful for the future of vehicular technology. For instance, this technology could easily and effectively notify the driver of a semi-autonomous vehicle to take control of the car.

GPS Navigation

Another advantage to 3D dashboard technology is more effective GPS navigation. Current navigation technologies display a driver’s route with few details of the vehicle’s surroundings. However, 3D displays could provide details of surrounding buildings, ultimately helping a driver seeking a specific shop or restaurant. This helps drivers avoid missing their upcoming turn.

Working with Vehicle Manufacturers

This technology is in development; however, consumers should not expect to see 3D dashboards in their vehicles for at least a few years because Bosch is an automotive supplier, not a vehicle manufacturer. However, many individuals believe that this technology will gain popularity in the 2020s.

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