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Safe Driving on Ice?

Is it possible to drive safely on ice? The answer is a resounding no. However, it is possible to stay safe this winter by first correcting some common misconceptions about driving on icy roads. Driving in a warm climate: Even warm climates found in southern states like the Carolinas and Florida can experience icy road » Read More

Navigating Traffic Jams

Every driver ends up in a traffic jam from time to time. For some drivers, the occasion may occur virtually every day, depending on the routes they take and the time in which they travel. If you think traffic jams are increasing, you are correct in your assessment. Overall, there are more vehicles on the » Read More

Using Technology to Improve Road Safety

Transportation officials have access to new software that can identify common road safety issues and recommend the most cost-effective solutions. Numetric, a traffic safety analytics company based out of Utah, announced the release of a set of software tools, which includes a safety element and a design element. Together, they offer a comprehensive package that » Read More

School Bus Violations Endanger Students

A new report conducted by the Maryland State Department of Education reveals that far too many motorists are not stopping when school buses are either picking up or dropping off students. All motorists are responsible for following the rules of the road, which includes stopping when school bus lights are flashing and the stop arm » Read More

The Notorious History Behind Blackout Wednesday

Not to be mistaken for Black Friday, the unofficial start to the holiday shopping season, Blackout Wednesday has become known as the unofficial start to the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Whereas Black Friday got its name from the Philadelphia Police Department in the 1960’s to describe the heavy, and somewhat disruptive traffic that occurred the day » Read More

Medical Conditions and Liability in Car Accidents

In March of 2018, two small children, including the 4-year-old daughter of a Tony Award-winning Broadway actress, were fatally injured in a car accident as they were crossing the street at an intersection in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn. According to authorities, the driver had a seizure, which caused her to drive through the » Read More

Aggressive Driving

It has happened to most of us. We are driving to work, when we glance at the car next to us to see an angry, red-faced driver who may be offering offensive hand gestures or laying on the horn. Many times, the target of an aggressive driver does not even know what they did wrong. » Read More

Self-Driving Cars Do Not Appeal to Most Teen Drivers  

Today’s teens are an extremely tech-savvy group, probably because they spend so much time on their smartphones, laptops, or on their computers playing video games with their friends. It is how they communicate and interact with each other. However, considering how interested they are in the latest iPhone model, video game, or social media app, » Read More

Hit and Run  

Hit and Run motor vehicle accidents can have dire consequences for the victims. Aside from significant physical injuries or death, the mental distress and property damage can be traumatic and debilitating. Hit and runs involve an at-fault driver causing an accident involving another car, pedestrian, cyclist, or fixed object, then fleeing without offering help or » Read More

“Heroin Highway” Reveals Serious Opioid Problem in Maryland

Like other states across the country, Maryland has been hard hit by the opioid epidemic. In fact, in the first half of 2018, there was a 15 percent increase in opioid-related fatalities, compared to the first half of 2017. Unfortunately, the numbers of opioid related deaths have been on the rise in recent years. According » Read More