Who Is Liable When My Car is Struck by Something?

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Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers discuss liability for damage to vehicle from flying and falling debris. You are driving down the highway outside of Baltimore when it happens: A tire flies off the truck in front of you, striking the side of your car. Thankfully, you avoid colliding with the vehicles around you. But when you get the opportunity to stop and examine your car, you notice part of your hood is dented, your headlights are smashed, and your other front lights are non-functional.

Should you simply make an appointment at your preferred mechanic and pay for the damages out of pocket? After all, the truck is long gone. Or is it possible for you to make a claim against the at-fault party?

When and When Not to Sue

Unless a passenger took a picture of the truck that released the tire, or you somehow managed to memorize the truck’s license plate, you probably do not have grounds for a lawsuit. However, you may still be able to recoup damages from your insurance provider.

It is mandatory in the state of Maryland for drivers to have uninsured motorist coverage. This type of coverage is in place to cover you not only if you have an accident with another uninsured driver, but in the event that something strikes your car from an unknown or unidentified vehicle.

You may still want to call a Baltimore car accident lawyer, particularly if you were physically injured during the event. As an example, a flying object might strike the top of your car, denting it and ultimately hitting you in the head. Head trauma can easily lead to concussion, which can mean time off work, lost wages, and medical bills.

An insurance carrier may try to settle by offering an amount that does not sufficiently cover your bills or pain and suffering.

Tips to Consider When Struck-by Objects from Highway Vehicles

Obviously, the best way to avoid a car accident is to not drive behind trucks or other vehicles with objects that seem to be loose or untethered. The same holds true for trucks that have uncleared ice on the top of their rigs. Yet sometimes accidents are unavoidable, even if you practice safe driving.

If you do find yourself in an accident involving a flying object from another vehicle, keep these hints in mind:

  • As long as you are unhurt, drive until you can pull over at a safe spot.
  • Do not try to get an image of the offending vehicle, unless you can come to a complete stop. Have a passenger do it or simply try to memorize the plate or something that stands-out about the vehicle. Taking a photo can put you at greater risk of getting into a collision.
  • Get medical attention immediately, even if you just feel a little lightheaded, have a slight headache, or experience light bruising. Documentation of injuries could be critical.
  • Contact your insurance carrier as soon as you have safely stopped your car and gotten medical attention.
  • Contact the police if you know the license plate number of the driver that did not have items properly secured.

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