Navigating Traffic Jams

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Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers discuss traffic jams and traffic accidents. Every driver ends up in a traffic jam from time to time. For some drivers, the occasion may occur virtually every day, depending on the routes they take and the time in which they travel. If you think traffic jams are increasing, you are correct in your assessment. Overall, there are more vehicles on the road than there were a decade ago. But road infrastructure has not kept pace with the large increase in drivers.

Traffic jams are more than a nuisance. They can result in accidents, and the nature of traffic jams means that emergency responders have difficulty in getting to the scene.

Traffic Jam Causes

One minute you are driving along a highway at the top allowable speed and traffic is moving smoothly. The next minute, traffic grinds to a halt, and you inch along for ages. Often, a traffic jam ensues if there is an accident, inclement weather, or traffic slows due to construction work.

Sometimes, however, there is no obvious reason for the traffic stoppage. In these situations, it is likely a simple matter of supply and demand. There is limited space on the highway, and more vehicles are entering the road than exiting. When vehicles keep entering the highway, drivers must apply their brakes to keep from hitting the newcomers merging at a different speed, and the result is a traffic wave.

The wave moves on down through the lines of traffic, creating a jam. There are apps available that can help you navigate to less heavily traveled roads if you are stuck in a jam.

Road Rage and Traffic Jams

No one likes sitting in traffic. Unfortunately, traffic jams can trigger road rage in some drivers, and that leads to accidents or even assaults on other drivers. Aggressive driving endangers everyone stuck in the jam, and can lead to further delays if this aggressive activity leads to an accident.

Then there are the drivers who constantly switch lanes during a traffic tie-up, which perhaps makes them feel as if they are accomplishing something, but really gets them nowhere and causes the traffic behind them to brake more.

Avoiding Traffic Jams

Some traffic jams are simply unavoidable. You do not know when an accident will occur and snarl traffic. However, other jams are more predictable. They may happen on major roadways daily during rush hour. Perhaps you can alter your working hours to avoid rush hour traffic.

Choosing an alternative route is another possibility. Even if the alternate route takes longer to get to your destination on paper, if you are not regularly caught in a traffic jam, it may save you time.

If public transit is an option, consider using it rather than taking your car to work every day.

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