Avoid Parking Lot Accidents During the Holidays

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Baltimore car accident lawyers discuss avoid parking lot accidents during the holidays.Black Friday has come and gone, but the shopping will continue throughout the month. While many people choose to do most of their holiday shopping online, there are plenty of shoppers who prefer to go to stores. For those people, it often means dealing with heavier-than-usual traffic, long lines, and circling the parking lot looking for a spot. Unfortunately, parking lots can be dangerous places during the holidays, especially when shoppers are frazzled, stressed out, and not paying close attention to their surroundings. When a pedestrian is involved, it can cause serious injuries, even if the car was moving slowly. When navigating busy parking lots during the holiday season, shoppers should use extra caution and keep important safety tips in mind.

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of parking lot accidents. In fact, studies show that approximately two-thirds of drivers are distracted when driving in a parking lot. This is particularly true during the hectic holiday season when shoppers are often stressed out. However, one moment of distraction can have devastating consequences if a shopper steps in front of a car and the driver is looking at their phone or reaching for something in the backseat.

Parking Lot Safety Tips

Safety officials at AAA urge all drivers to keep the following safety tips in mind during the holiday season when parking lots are at their busiest:

  • Pay close attention to pedestrians and other moving vehicles while you are looking for a parking spot
  • Do not text, make a phone call, check social media, or take photos or videos while driving in a parking lot
  • Never drive across lanes to get to a spot faster
  • Pay particularly close attention to small children, parents with baby strollers, or shoppers who have pets
  • Keep your headlights on when driving through a parking garage
  • If there is not a car parked in the spot in front of you, drive through the space rather than backing up
  • Be aware of your blind spots when backing up

Another thing to keep in mind when making your way through a busy parking lot is your personal safety. Thieves will take advantage of shoppers who are distracted or not paying attention to their surroundings. Keep the following safety tips in mind:

  • Be sure to park in a spot that is well-lit and as close to the shops as possible.
  • Do not leave a spare key in the vehicle. Criminals know all the common hiding spots.
  • Keep your key fob in a metal container at home to prevent hackers from accessing the radio signals and opening your vehicle.

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