Soft Tissue Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

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If you were involved in a car accident, you know that even a minor fender bender can be a stressful and traumatic event. In most cases, fender-benders and other minor car accidents do not result in serious, life-threatening injuries. However, they can cause soft tissue injuries, which occur when the impact of the crash causes damage to the muscles, tendons, or ligaments. While these injuries are not generally serious, oftentimes, the injured individual may not feel any symptoms immediately following the accidents because the body releases adrenaline and endorphins as a defense mechanism. However, like any injury, if a soft tissue injury is not treated in a timely fashion, it can take longer to heal, or become aggravated, which is why you should seek medical attention any time you are involved in a car accident.

Types of Soft Tissue Injuries

The most common type of soft tissue injury is whiplash, which occurs when the impact of the collision causes the head and neck to snap back and forth. This can cause a great deal of stiffness and pain in the neck, and well as back problems and cognitive issues, including trouble concentrating and memory loss. Examples of other common soft tissue injuries include sprains, contusions, and strains.

Depending on the force of impact, soft tissue injuries can cause significant pain, swelling, soreness, bruising, and stiffness. Even a low-speed accident can generate enough force to cause significant property damage in injuries. Because soft tissue injuries are not always apparent immediately following the accident, it is imperative that you seek medical attention if you are ever in a car accident, even if you do not feel any pain. These types of injuries do not appear in x-rays, which makes it more challenging to diagnose and document the injury. Therefore, it is particularly important to provide all details about the accident, and any pain, soreness, or discomfort you are feeling to the health care professional that examines you.

Seeking Compensation for Soft Tissue Injuries

If you were injured in a rear-end accident, and you were in the car that was hit, the other driver will likely be at-fault for the accident. After the accident, police will arrive at the scene and generate a police report that will identify which driver was at-fault for causing the accident. Several factors help determine fault, including the damage to the vehicles, witness testimonials, skid marks on the road, and footage from security cameras.

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