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Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers discuss the dangers of speeding. Numerous studies show that speeding is a contributing factor in many car accidents. Speeding also increases the likelihood of fatalities when an accident occurs. Sadly, a 14-year old pedestrian was recently struck and killed by a car when jogging across a crosswalk in Bowie, Maryland. Neighbors report that cars often speed on this road.

Speeding and Pedestrian Fatalities

For accidents involving pedestrians, even a relatively small increase in a vehicle’s speed can lead to a large increase in the likelihood of a pedestrian fatality. The following figures illustrate the relationship between a car’s speed and the chances of a pedestrian being struck by a car:

  • There is a five percent chance that a pedestrian will suffer fatal injuries if struck by a car traveling 20 miles per hour
  • The odds increase to 45 percent if the car’s speed is 30 miles per hour
  • The chances of a fatality are greater than 80 percent if the car is going 40 miles per hour

The nonlinear relationship between speed and pedestrian fatalities is simply a matter of physics. Speed disproportionately increases the stopping distance of a vehicle as well as the severity of the crash.

Reasons Why Speed Kills

The faster a car is going, the more distance it travels between the time the driver sees the emergency and the exact moment the driver applies the brakes. Faster speed also increases the distance traveled after the driver applies the brakes, as evidenced by skid marks on the road. The following are reasons why speed kills:

  • Doubling the rate of speed increases a vehicle’s stopping distance four times
  • Doubling a vehicle’s speed also means a four-fold increase in the amount of kinetic energy absorbed at impact

If a car is traveling 25 miles per hour and a driver sees a pedestrian 100 feet ahead, the driver should be able to stop the car in time. However, most drivers going 40 miles per hour will not be able to stop in time and the car will be traveling 38 miles per hour when it reaches the pedestrian.

Frequency of Speed-Related Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 25 percent of all U.S. traffic fatalities in 2017 were classified as speed related. More than 85 percent of speed-related fatalities occurred on non-interstate roads. Speeding is also tied to aggressive driving. It is wise to give aggressive drivers plenty of space, as they may lose control of their vehicles. Unfortunately, even the best defensive driving practices cannot prevent all accidents.

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