Using Technology to Improve Road Safety

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Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers discuss using technology to improve road safety. Transportation officials have access to new software that can identify common road safety issues and recommend the most cost-effective solutions. Numetric, a traffic safety analytics company based out of Utah, announced the release of a set of software tools, which includes a safety element and a design element. Together, they offer a comprehensive package that can offer smarter, more effective solutions to common road hazards that often cause car accidents.

According to a news release, the safety element of the software helps diagnose a traffic problem and offers possible solutions to the issue. A department of transportation (DOT) official can use the software to analyze crash data and identify high-risk areas. The software can help determine the common causes of car accidents in specific areas, and offer effective solutions based on the information available.

Users can also look at specific stretches of road to see where the most cars veer of the road, and whether those stretches have rumble strips or not.

Better Road Improvement Determinations

Once the traffic problem has been diagnosed, the DOT official can use the design element of the software to determine how much it will cost to execute each possible solution. Numetric’s traffic safety platform allows the software suites to share data, and can help to clear up any information that is inconsistent or unclear.

According to the Chief Executive Office of Numetric, the software will help DOTs identify which road improvement projects to focus on, based on the projected budget and the limited resources available.

Improved Highway Safety Depends on Advanced Technology

In recent years, highway safety has improved. In order to continue this trend, it is crucial to make smarter decisions about how money is allocated to specific projects. Advanced analytic tools like the software offered by Numetric will help this process by identifying the roads that have the most significant safety issues.

Crash Reports is another program offered by Numetric that helps process information requests more quickly. A process that typically takes days or weeks to complete can now be accomplished in minutes.

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials also has its own set of software tools, but they are not as broad or accessible. The benefit of using a company like Numetric is that it offers a wider range of crash information in a format that is easy to understand.

Ultimately, it can potentially reduce the incidence of car accidents and potential injuries by coming up with efficient and cost-effective solutions that make roads safer. Safety engineers can easily share the data with other departments, resulting in better, more collaborative decisions.

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